30 Black-Owned Candle Companies on Instagram Pt. 2

After posting the first list of Black-Owned Candle Companies on Instagram, my DMs and comments were flooded with more companies that I hadn’t mentioned! Y’all… there are SO MANY Black chandlers! So it’s only right that I make another list of companies I found or I was sent on Instagram.

But first I wanted to shout out a company from my last list of Black-Owned Candle Companies. Posh Candle Co. candles smell amazing! I recently purchased “Bad And Bougie” and “Black Girl Magic” and I love them both! Check them out here!

Okay, onto the list! Here’s Part 2 in no particular order at all!

  1. Crown and Crystal

2. Freres Branchiaux

3. The Inventory Candles

4. Sydney’s Scents

5. Light The Mood

6. Kiroka Essentials

7. Hoodoo Goddess

8. Bushel N A Peck Candles

9. Poetry In A Jar Candles

10. Realism Kandles

11. Naked Wick Candles

12. Bright Black Candles

13. Hyde And Park Co.

14. Sweet Wax Candle Co.

15. Feta Candles

16. Sweven Candle Co.

17. The 125 Collection

18. Lulas Candle Co.

19. Lene Nicole Candle Co.

20. Manifest And Vibes Candle Co.

21. Her By Kashay

22. Beloved Box

23. S&E Candles

24. Tielle Candle

25. Black Box Candle

26. Creative Candle

27. Savvy Cocoas

28. Elizabeth Artis Candles

29. Wick And Wax Co.

30. Annabelle-June Aromatics


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