30 Black-Owned Candle Companies on Instagram Pt. 1

I’ve always loved candles, so much so that I keep a few on hand at all times. Who doesn’t like candles? Not only do they make my home smell amazing but they’re great for helping me relax and feel comfortable.

There’s a ton of black folks on Instagram selling candles too! I’ve compiled a list of black-owned candle companies to shop from in no particular order at all! Some I’ve tried myself and others I found on the internet with the help of Instagram’s hashtag feature and this Twitter thread. 💆🏾‍♀️🕯Enjoy!

1. Harlem Candle Co

2. Pontie Wax

3. Posh Candle Co.

4. Gilded

5. Nice Scent Candle Co.

6. Unlax Candles

7. Crue Candle Co.

8. Lit Brooklyn

9. Pretty Honest Candles

10. Southern Elegance Candle Co.

11. Glow Candle Bar

12. Scent Germain

13. Air In Candles

14. ReBourné

15. J’Luxe Scents Co.

16. Taylor Infused

17. Cozy Wicks

18. Vela Bougie

19. Seventh And Oak

20. Chanel Monet Candle Co.

21. Good Day Scents

22. Olphactory Candles

23. Eleven Twenty-Two Candle Co.

24. ElonWick Candle Co.

25. Dabira Aroma

26. Flickerwick Limited

27. ByLeCreme

28. Wax Before The Fire

29. Light My Candle Co.

30. Cadence Candle Co.

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