Valentines Day at The Pearl

Disclosure: this post is full of lovey-dovey headassery. If you have a problem with love, find a singles page to loathe in unison. 😂

Yesterday was Valentines Day and Roy and I had such a good time! ❤️ We decided to spend the entire day together, without planning too much of it, besides knowing we were headed to the Historic Pearl area of downtown San Antonio — which is slowly becoming my favorite place for dates with Roy and my girls. Here’s a throwback photo from my Galentines date last Sunday at the Pearl:

Apparently Roy did some planning on his own for Vday though. Two nights ago, he surprised me with a dress he bought for me to wear on our all-day date. The day before yesterday, I also got flowers delivered to our apartment which was unexpected but very much appreciated. Once we were ready to leave I took some photos of everything before heading out. Here’s the cute dress he got me + roses, chocolates and a note that made me tear up when I read it.

We decided to try Southerleigh Fine Food & Bakery since some friends had mentioned how good their breakfast/brunch menu is. The only problem was we left 3 hours later than we wanted to 😅 so instead we got lunch menus. Lunch is served 12-3 and we got there around 2-ish.

I ordered the Red Fish + ChowChow and a side of house Mac (recommend!!!). Although the food was great, I think their wine selection (and our waiter who hooked us up) deserves an honorable mention. SO GOOD! 😍 In typical forgetful fashion, I didn’t ask the waiter for the name of the wine. All I can tell you is if you’re visiting and want to try their wines, ask for something sweet to start. They’ll know what to do.

After lunch, we walked around for about an hour. I love how concentrated the Pearl Brewery district is. There’s a restaurant or clothing store or knickknack shop at every turn, with decorated walkways, lots of seating areas and the general feeling that everyone is having a good time.

We sat and talked and laughed in front of the huge xXx sign and decided to take some photos next to this airstream.

And of course we stopped at Bakery Lorraine for macaroons because I love those little things and they have the best I’ve ever tasted. Pistachio is my fave but I got one for free while standing in line so I picked up a cookies and cream instead. I think Roy’s strawberry one tasted better though.

Anyone else like window shopping for fun? We walked into Leighelena with no intentions of buying anything. I know they always have some weird or funny new things to make me laugh in there and I wasn’t disappointed. 😂

By the time we left the store it was already after 5PM and we made one more stop before heading home and in for night. And that basically sums up our Valentines Day this year. Or as much as I’m allowed to share. 😂😅 I hope everyone had just as great of a day.


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