I need to be stopped: 5 bad habits to break in 2019

We’re already one whole week into 2019… how you feelin’? Are we still being optimistic about what the year has in store for us?

I personally feel like January is rushing by and before you know it, we’re making plans for the summer and the magic of the new year and all it’s new beginnings has been replaced by the realization that well… new year, same everything.

But no! Some things do need to change and I’m gonna use the last bit of the new year hope I have to encourage myself to get started.

That’s why I’m not wasting anymore time making excuses for my top 5 bad habits that I need to break this year:

  1. Staying up late – I’ve been a night owl since my early teens and nothing has changed. My idea of going to bed early is 12AM. Most nights by 3AM I literally have to force myself to go to bed, especially on days I know I have to be up early in the morning. And then I have no one but myself to blame for falling asleep midday and needing a cup of coffee or two to function properly. I’m really gonna need to find a way to transform my night owl into an early bird. If y’all see me up past 12AM on Twitter, tell me to GO TO BED!
  2. Taking boiling hot showers – this one is gonna be really hard for me… but for the sake of my skin, I’ve been trying every day to avoid turning the heat all the way up and scalding myself. I love the feeling of hot water running down my body… but as someone with dermatographia, cool water keeps the itching and inflammation down. So no more hot water for me!
  3. Going to the grocery store without a list – y’all already know what mess I get myself into with this one. I always have a general idea of the things I want to cook during the week but once I get inside that grocery store, I forget all about my mental list and I start picking up anything I like instead of the things I really need. Without a list I also forget things I need for a recipe ALL THE TIME… and I get home and want to kick myself because I can’t make it without a necessary ingredient. You’d think as someone who loves making lists, I’d at least prioritize the most popular kind of list to exist.
  4. Drinking soda – no explanation necessary. Y’all know soda is bad and I need to keep my teeth. I love Sprite and Coke and Dr. Pepper 😍 … and I’m already off to a bad start this year but it’s a minor set back! + I will always have this photo to reminisce:
  5. Slouching like I have no spine – because let’s be real… I complain about back pain but my posture is HORRENDOUS. I’m gonna really regret how terribly I sit when I’m older and can’t hold myself up. On top of reminding myself to sit, stand and lay down properly, I also started doing backward and forward shoulder rolls every time I catch myself slouching. I don’t know if that even helps lol but it makes me feel like I’m doing something and eases some tension in my back and shoulders.

So those are my top 5 bad habits I’m trying to kick this year and I’m making them public for the purpose of accountability. Y’all hold me to them if you catch me slipping! And think about some nasty habits of yours you can kick too cuz I know I’m not the only one…

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