The Best of 2018!

I’ll be honest, I originally wanted to list the top 5 best moments of 2018 for me… and after #3 (which was basically an extension of #2), I was finding it hard to come up with great things I could mention that happened to me last year. 😕

It was a struggle year to say the least… I was set back in some many ways and forced to exercise PATIENCE for the majority of the year. But that’s not to say great things didn’t happen. They did.

Even though I don’t think every little thing that made me smile in 2018 is worth writing about right now… looking back, I think 23-24 year old me needed a year like this. A year to be independent, to prioritize and to practice some humility. A year of small joys and planting seeds for 2019… To balance the nonsense.

That being said, there were two big things that happened last year that I think are worth sharing:

  1. Roy and I took a trip to New York together and celebrated a few firsts! 😄 It was our first trip outside of Texas together and our first time being on a plane together. The flight experience was a complete nightmare. 😐 By the time we got to New York we were EXHAUSTED but still tried to do everything we wanted to. I think the part I loved the most was letting Roy meet my family. In the short time we had been a couple, he had only ever met an aunt of mine that lives in Texas while I had already met his entire family. So him meeting my sisters, brother, nephew, grandma and even a cousin of mine was really special. My nephew was and still is obsessed with his “uncle woy”. I got to show Roy around a city I love and he even indulged in some West Indian culture. There’s nothing like seeing your partner grow to love and appreciate an essential part of you.

2. I finally got my green card! This was a time-consuming and EXPENSIVE process and the interview stressed me out but long story short, I’m officially a permanent resident. I tweeted about my journey so I’ll share some screenshots here concerning my thoughts about those who choose to emigrate, especially fellow islanders.

Twitter gets all the tea first lol ☕️

Being an immigrant seeking citizenship is something nobody wants to talk about because of the stigma associated with it. To the point where I contemplated for a long time about sharing any of my journey publicly. But privately, sharing this with a few people I trust led me to realize just how many others are going through something similar. So do what you want with this information lol. I’m really happy to see what this new year has in store for me.

Happy New Year!

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