Macaroons and Lovebirds

Hey friends. I promised y’all photos of Roy and I from Friday but what you may not know is we really got cute to take photos professionally by the one and only Courtney. ๐Ÿ˜„ As always we had a great time and I’ll have jitters until she sends that Dropbox link. Until then though, I’ll leave you with some photos Roy and I took of each other. Here’s how our day went…

First I’ll share that I’ve always loved having my photos taken. I personally don’t consider myself a photogenic person but if you can capture my awkward, silly and critical self in a beautiful shot I’ll melt. You can ask how many times I ask Roy to take photos of me. I can already tell you the answer is too many but on particularly special days, I enjoy having lots of photos for memories sake. And photos of myself help to take me back to the exact mood I was in when they were taken. I’m great at reading faces even in photos. It’s hard for me to fake a smile because sadness loves to line my eyes when I’m feeling down. But on Friday I was all smiles. And not just because I had a box of macaroons and a Coke bottle sitting in front of me.

I won’t share the details but first thing Friday morning, there was a call that made our day and set the tone for a great afternoon. We left the house excited. When we decided on a place to shoot a couple weeks ago, my first thought was that we could stop at Bakery Lorraine for quiche and macaroons before the shoot because it was in the same area. I fell in love with this spot in 2016 when another friend, Ariel, took me there to get lunch while we were exploring. We also had our own little photoshoot. Y’all might remember those photos. I’ll insert one here:

I was so damn little lol.

Anyways, we got there right before the kitchen closed and couldn’t get anything to eat besides pastries so… We got a whole box of macaroons. I was not disappointed! While I was eating, Roy was taking photos of me and the lighting was perfect. I took some of him too.

We finished the whole damn box within 10 minutes or less of sitting down then waited for Courtney.

I’ll take the time now to shoutout Courtney who has been taking photos of me since we met in Dr. B’s class back in 2015? I think. She’s responsible for my birthday photoshoot in 2016, me and Roy’s first couple photoshoot in 2017 and my Flower Vault photoshoot just last month.

Look how crazy good her skills have gotten! I also participated in two projects of hers and will be featuring in an upcoming project. Let’s just say we go way back and I trust her to take beautiful photos of me any day. It was hot as shit yesterday y’all… And Courtney came through to shoot us for an hour in this Texas heat that had my makeup running and sweat dripping down my back. A disaster. But we made it fancy. Remind me next time to take a photo with her because I always forget.

By the time the photoshoot was over we were exhausted and I wasn’t gonna attempt to cook that night so we ordered in lol. A perfect day in an otherwise (I’ll be honest) shitty month. Like I shared on Facebook that night, “Today was a great day. And I don’t say that very often for fear of jinxing my happiness because I’m superstitious and used to bad luck. But today was a great day. And I’m claiming that.”

I’ll share the photos Courtney took when I get them! ๐Ÿ’‹

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