Ya girl is back.

The plan was to start blogging again in April. But April came and went and the opportunity wasn’t there. I’m one of those people that fixate on a particular vision and if I can’t see it happening, I rarely compromise.

I made an exception this one time. My vision for this blog is not as I want it to be but I’m getting close to putting things in place and that makes me happy. I could have waited another 6 months to the new year or stalled until April 2019 but something in the stars is shining on my creative side and I’m getting new ideas every day.

Long story short, I felt compelled to start blogging again. Without a theme I love. Without my domain name in tact. And without finishing my new logo. There’s so much to do but like everything else, I guess my blog will forever be a work in progress. And I’m okay with that.

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